Upcoming Summer Retreats

Silence of the Season offers insight and inspiration to those wanting to access their inner voice, nurture new growth and bring lasting change into their lives. Interactive Nature retreats, inspirational videos, stories, and songs are offered here as tools that can help align you with Nature’s beauty, wisdom, and tranquillity. Calm, confidence, and clarity wait for you in the Silence of the Season.

Sunset Nature Retreats

Coming July & August

Wasaga Beach
(7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)

Thursday July 7 – Natures Calendar
Thursday July 28 – Celebrating Cedar
Thursday August 18 – Nature Rituals & Practices
Thursday September 8 – The Power of Story

• Limited group size
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Nature’s Calendar
Sunset Retreat

July 7 (Wasaga Beach)
July 14 (Collingwood)

Welcome to an evening of relaxation and rejuvenation where we bid farewell to the sun and embrace the illuminating wisdom of the moon and the natural world around us. As we journey through this intriguing evening, we will share an intuitive understanding and a deeper connection to nature as we learn to draw from its strength and beauty. An introduction to the Turtle will reveal how this ancient creature represents the Land’s natural Calendric rhythm which, in turn, harmonizes us with the moon and tides.

Expect to be surprised and delighted.

Celebrating Cedar
Sunset Retreat

July 28 (Wasaga Beach)

Cedar trees hold a stunning presence in Nature. For thousands of years, this giving tree has been highly revered and continues to be culturally, spiritually, and medicinally essential to our world. We will explore its gifts as we learn how to accept the strength and resilience it offers us as its beauty nurtures our hearts. The sweet and earthy aroma of cedar helps us breathe deep, the quiet presence clearing our minds as its medicine opens and heals our bodies.

Expect to feel calmer as you breathe deeper and dream bigger.

Nature Rituals and Practices
Sunset Retreat

August 18 (Wasaga Beach)

Throughout this evening, we’ll explore a series of meaningful practices designed to soothe the body, quiet the mind and energize the soul. With Nature as our guide, we’ll share and create many sweet, simple rituals to align you with your heart’s desire and easily be added to your daily practice.

 Expect to feel invigorated, enthusiastic and excited.

The Power of Story
Sunset Retreat

September 8 (Wasaga Beach)

Storytelling goes back to time immemorial. It remains a tried and true way to communicate, educate, inspire and validate our life experiences. Whether we want to record a place in history, express our comedic shenanigans, or even leave a legacy, sharing a story can be a liberating and fulfilling experience. Self-expression is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. The imagination, creativity, and voice that has laid dormant within you will soon be activated as you discover there is a true storyteller in you waiting to be born.

Expect to feel exhilarated, entertained, and impressed with yourself.

Upcoming Fall Retreats

Personal Journaling Retreat
A lovely day in Nature to learn reflective and creative ways to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and nurture your soul. Dates and details to come.

The Elements and You
An exploration of the four natural elements and how they align with our personalities.  Learn to identify, develop and create sustainable and positive relationships with the people you care most about. Date and details to come.

Animal Symbolism
The animals are our teachers. Discover your birth animal and identify your journey and shadow animals as you learn to receive the messages sent to you from the natural world. Dates and details to come.

Teachings from the Plant World
Plant remedies are a gift from Nature. Discover and design your perfect blend as you explore various plant extracts and the effects they can have on the mind, body, and spirit.

Dates and details to come.


Custom retreats are available and ideal for a circle of friends, community groups, and organizations.
(minimum 4 people)


You may request to cancel for a full refund, up to 72 hours before the date and time of the retreat. Cancellations between 25-72 hours before retreats may be transferred to a different retreat date/time.  Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the retreat date/time may not receive a refund or a transfer. When you register for a retreat, you agree to these terms.

Dates and additional details are provided through email.
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